24% of landlords planning rent increase in 2013

by Sarah Ashcroft

Some 24 per cent of landlords are planning to make rent increases by at least three per cent in 2013.

Newly-released research by SpareRoom.co.uk has found that tenants are facing inflation-busting hikes in the amount of money they are going to have to part with, the Economic Voice reports. This news is not likely to be received well by people who have to settle for long-term tenancy agreements, as they cannot afford to buy a house.

The body's Rental Index shows that in the last three months of 2012, average UK rent for a double room in shared accommodation with bills rose by six per cent to £112 per week.

Matt Hutchinson, director of SpareRoom.co.uk, stated: "Tenants should check their contracts. If they are on a fixed-term tenancy, landlords are not usually permitted to increase rents until the fixed term ends, unless there's a clause in the agreement saying the rent can be increased."

He added that some tenants may find that landlords are open to negotiation about the situation, as they recognise the importance of having good people in their homes. This illustrates why it is a good idea to have an open and honest relationship with a landlord.

Indeed, the study also found that 64 per cent of landlords questioned do not plan to increase their rent this year because of the difficult financial situation many people are facing. This highlights the importance attached with being a reliable tenant, such as paying rent on time and taking care of properties.

When asked, 46 per cent of tenants admitted they are worried about the effect any rent increases will have on their day-to-day life. If people are struggling with the cost of their rent, then they could ask their landlord if they would be willing to include some household bills in the monthly cost of staying in the house.

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Published on: January 14, 2013

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