Cleaning costs lead to most deposits being withheld

by Daniel Jones

Tenants are most likely to have their deposit withheld to cover the cost of cleaning a property, research has revealed.

Mydeposits found that 78 per cent of landlords have kept back a deposit to pay for cleaning a property after the tenant had left.

Unpaid rent was also found to be a common reason for withholding the cash.

Chief executive officer of mydeposits Eddie Hooker said: "Tenants can avoid having any of the deposit withheld by ensuring the property is clean, any damage is repaired, and the rent is paid up to the day they move out."

He noted that landlords and agents should take general wear and tear into account, but excessive damage will need to be compensated for.

Mr Hooker added that less than two per cent of tenancies end in a dispute over the deposit.

Landlords in England & Wales who are taking a deposit from their tenant must provide them with details on how their tenancy deposit is protected.

By law this information must be provided within 14 days of setting up the tenancy agreement.

Lawpack's Tenancy Deposit Protection Form ensures that you provide the right information to your tenant, and avoid liability.

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Published on: October 6, 2011

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