Tenant guarantors 'need to be checked out'

by Daniel Jones

Landlords must ensure they check the legitimacy of tenant's guarantors before establishing a tenancy agreement.

This is according to PropertyRisks, which explained that many landlords only ever check out a potential tenant's references before offering them a contract.

Nigel Atkinson of PropertyRisks explained that rents are increasing in many parts of the UK, with some areas such as Leamington Spa, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Bangor seeing double-digit rises.

"At the same time, the economic situation means that more people are likely to be renting for the first time and, like students, may not have any rental history to base a reference on," he commented.

The company urged landlords to go beyond simple credit checks and employer references to really help determine whether a would-be tenant would be reliable.

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Published on: October 4, 2011

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