Unpaid rent lead to deposits being withheld

by Daniel Jones

Renters who leave a property unclean or have not kept up with payments are the least likely not to receive their deposit back, research from mydeposits has shown.

The tenancy deposit protection scheme found that 78 per cent of landlords have withheld money because a property was unclean after a tenant left.

In some cases, damage to furniture, carpets and the property in general meant that renters had not received their cash.

Chief executive officer of the company Eddie Hooker commented: "It is important they meet with their landlord or agent when moving out, inspect the property together, and then come to an agreement over the return of the deposit."

He emphasised that fewer than two per cent of tenancies end in a dispute over a deposit, so the majority of situations can be resolved amicably.

The website revealed that August is typically a busy month for deposit returns as students move out of their rented accommodation.

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Published on: August 16, 2011

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