Property inventories can avoid disputes

Taking the time to put together a property inventory could prove worthwhile, especially if any tenant disputes arise at a later stage, one expert has said.

Presenting it to tenants when they move in will help them understand what they are responsible for, noted nuy-to-let and private rented sector expert at David Lawrenson.

He suggested that as tenants move out, they should once again be reminded of the tenancy agreement they had previously signed.

"They must leave it as they found it, fair wear and tear excepted. I find that always works and I have not had to withhold any deposit monies for damages or cleaning for 15 years," Mr Lawrenson explained.

The expert stressed that being upfront with renters from the start about what is expected from them will help avoid arguments at a later stage, which means landlords will not feel inclined to withhold a deposit.

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Published on: June 27, 2011

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