Tenancy Agreement - Unfurnished

Unfurnished tenancy agreement advert
  • Solicitor approved
  • Expert guidance notes
  • PDF format
  • Download now

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Property Inventory

Property inventory template advert
  • Property inventory template
  • Check in/out procedure
  • Expert guidance manual
  • Only £9.99
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Rent Book

Rent book advert

All tenants paying rent weekly must be given a rent book. Get yours from just £1.25 each. Solicitor approved.

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Rent Out Your Flat

Find a tenant online advert

Let out your flat fast and for FREE with the accommodation website Find a Flat. Don't pay letting agent commission fees!

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Rent Out a Room

Find a tenant advert

Find the right tenant for FREE with website SpareRoom. “This site could find you a paying lodger in no time.” Sunday Times

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Tenant Checking Service

Tenant checking service image

Check out your tenant’s salary, credit history, CCJs and much, much more, from just £26.95.

Valid in the UK
Price: £26.95
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Avoid bad tenants with Rentchecks

Successful landlords know that tenant referencing is vital when letting property. Tenant checks can help landlords avoid problems in the future, from rent arrears to evicting bad tenants.

Online tenant referencing service Rentchecks helps you to check out your tenant easily, thoroughly and FAST.

Whether you’re a commercial or residential landlord, Rentchecks provides you with an unrivalled tenant referencing tool that lets you easily check out whether your tenant is of good character and financially stable.

Rentchecks analyses personal data held by credit reference agencies as well as data from enhanced tenant checks (e.g. salary/income verification, validation of tenant references, etc.) to check that your prospective tenant is not undesirable, high risk or fraudulent.

At Rentchecks you can check your tenant’s suitability in just three simple steps online. The tenant referencing services offered by Rentchecks are:

Tenant Referencing Service

Full tenant referencing report provided for private landlords which includes:

  • Six-year credit history search
  • Check for CCJs, bankruptcy, defaults, rent arrears and repossessions
  • Linked address search
  • Validation of three tenant references
  • Guarantor suitability check
  • Salary/income verification
  • Acceptability score
  • Post analysis recommendation
  • Bank account validation
  • Affordability analysis
  • Delinquent tenant database search
  • Rent guarantee decision

£26.95 – For tenant referencing report within two business days
£36.95 – For
same day full tenant referencing report

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Commercial Referencing Service

Tenant referencing of corporate and self-employed tenants. Report includes:

  • Six-year director/applicant credit history search
  • Check for CCJs, bankruptcy, defaults, rent arrears and repossessions
  • Linked address search
  • Post analysis recommendation
  • Company credit check
  • Validation and collection of three tenant references
  • Bank account validation
  • Identification validation
  • Salary/income verification

£28.60 – For commercial tenant referencing report within 48 hours

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Express Tenant Credit Check Report

Tenant credit check only. Includes:

  • Six-year tenant credit check
  • Acceptability score
  • Linked address summary
  • Address verification
  • Reference validation not included

£16.95 – For tenant credit check report within two hours (Mon-Fri)

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Research by the Residential Landlords Association has shown that landlords who haven’t made tenant checks are seven times more likely to face eviction proceedings.

Protect your property and income today. Make tenant referencing a priority with Rentchecks.

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