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Property Management Software

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One-touch property accounts for tracking cash flow and rental payments, plus software for generating tenancy forms.

Valid in the UK
Price: £476.40
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Get help managing your property portfolio

Property Portfolio Software helps landlords track rental arrears, increase cash flow, pinpoint poor performing properties, generate tenancy forms and much, much more...

By managing your properties with Property Portfolio Software you can get organised, analyse your buy-to-let property portfolio instantly and benefit from:

  • Receiving late rent payment warnings
  • Get reminders (for expiring safety certificates, insurances, etc.)
  • One-touch property accounts (no need for a separate accounting system)
  • Free legal documents  - create Assured Shorthold Tenancies, Section 21 notices, etc. in just one click
  • Easy deposit and inventory management
  • Reports to help you track and minimise rental arrears
  • Reports that forecast tax liabilities
  • Reports to help you pinpoint poor performing rental properties
  • Reports that help you to increase your cashflow

Why use Property Portfolio Software?

With Property Portfolio Software landlords can get better organised and move away from time-consuming, changing spreadsheets or paper-based management systems. 

You can make a one-off payment to purchase the software or if you find this too hard hitting on your budget, you can rent the software from just £35.96 per month plus you get the first month FREE.

This Property Management Software helps you to:

1.  Fulfil all of your landlord obligations.

When managing rental properties landlords must:

  • Register the tenant’s deposit with a tenancy deposit scheme
  • Implement or renew safety certificates (e.g. gas, electrical certificates, etc.)
  • Renew insurance policies on the rental property (e.g. building, contents insurance, etc.)
  • Renew fixed, tracker or discounted mortgages before they expire

Property Portfolio Software sets up all of your policies, insurances, safety certificates and reminds you when they need to be renewed.

2.  Identify instantly how much money you’re making (or losing).

Property management software helps you to:

  • Track your rental income and minimise voids
  • Reduce your expenditure
  • Pinpoint poor performing rental properties (e.g. those with low yields)
  • Manage your cashflow

Property Portfolio Software provides you with fast and instant access to this information, so you can improve your profitability and add £££s to your bottom line!

3.  Reduce your professional fees

Property Management Software helps you to minimise your accountant or solicitor fees with its one-touch financial reports. These reports give your accountant all the information they need to prepare  your annual property accounts or you can simply produce them yourself and use your accountant in an advisory role.

The landlord software also allows you to create the landlord legal forms you need (e.g. Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements, Section 21 Notice and Section 8 Notice, etc.) saving you solicitor fees.

4.  0% ongoing letting agent fees

With Property Portfolio Software many of the services that a letting agent charges for, you can do yourself. Issuing tenancy agreements, chasing rent, etc. can all be done by a simple one-touch report.

So more and more landlords are using letting agents as a one-off to find the initial tenants, and then using good property management software to manage their rental properties, saving up to 15% of their rental income spent on letting agents’ fees.

5.  Better organisation means more time for you

Instead of having a number of spreadsheets, reminders and even part-paper based solutions, everything you need to know can be entered into one software system saving you save time, money and effort

Property Portfolio Software helps you to dramatically slash the time you spend reconciling information.

Take control of managing your properties today with Property Portfolio Software.

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