Online Will

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  • Will checked by leading UK law firm
  • Simple easy-to-use questionnaire
  • Professionally bound Will sent to you
  • £59.99 single, £79.99 mirror will

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Last Will and Testament (DIY Will)

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  • Choice of Will form templates
  • Expert guidance manual 
  • All content lawyer-approved

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Find a Lawyer Service

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LawyerLocator’s FREE online search service connects you to local solicitors who perfectly suit your needs.

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Price: Free
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Find a solicitor quickly and easily

Don’t spend hours trawling the market to find the right solicitor. LawyerLocator’s online search and match service connects you to lawyers in your area that have the skills to resolve your issue – all at the touch of a button and for FREE.

By finding a solicitor with the website LawyerLocator you can benefit from:

  • A FREE lawyer matching service covering personal law and business law

  • Find a lawyer based on the area of law and your legal issue

  • An easy to use website which helps you to find a selection of suitable law firms

  • Provides you with details on the estimated costs involved

  • Just put in your postcode and find a solicitor nearest to you!

How does LawyerLocator’s solicitor matching service work?

Simply type in your postcode on the website, along with the area of law in which you need legal advice, and LawyerLocator will provide you with a list of solicitors in your local area who can help you with your legal issue.

LawyerLocator will then provide you with an address and contact number for each law firm in your local area. The website also ranks each firm based on various factors, including their Law Society accreditation, opening times and languages spoken.

If a particular solicitor firm interests you, you can then easily ask for a quote online by outlining your legal query and providing some basic contacts details.

The law firm will then contact you with the costs involved to give you legal advice.

What legal areas are covered?

LawyerLocator can find a solicitor for you in the following areas:

  • Personal Law - Bankruptcy, Buying and Selling, Crime, Divorce and Prenuptial Agreements, Education, Power of Attorney, Renting and Letting, Wills and much, much more.

  • Business Law – Accidents at Work, Company Law, Contracts and Agreements, Employment Rights, Health and Safety, Hiring and Dismissing, Property and much, much more.

Avoid the time, effort and stress of getting legal advice and find the right solicitor for you today with LawyerLocator.

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