Tenant Eviction

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  • Eviction notice templates
  • Court forms
  • Expert guidance manual
  • Solicitor approved
  • Only £19.99
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Section 21 Notice

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  • Solicitor approved
  • Guidance notes in the document
  • Terminate an AST
  • Download now

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Legal Helpline

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Speak to a legal expert at solicitors Irwin Mitchell for the fixed price of just £29.95.

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Section 8 Notice - Rent Arrears Claim

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  • Solicitor approved
  • Guidance notes in the document
  • End an AST for rent arrears
  • Download now

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Section 33 Notice & Notice to Quit

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  • Solicitor approved
  • Expert guidance notes
  • Terminate a SAT
  • Download now

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Schedule of Rent Arrears

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Provide evidence to the court of outstanding rent arrears with this 'Download Now' Schedule of Rent Arrears.

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Tenant Eviction Service

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Evict problem tenants FAST with Landlord Action's fixed-price eviction service, from just £115. Or get some advice for free.

Valid in England, Wales, Scotland
Price: £115.00
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Want to evict your tenant? Use Landlord Action’s fixed price eviction service

There are too many tenants who won't pay and who won't go. To landlords, evicting tenants seems to take forever and the legal fees can build up over time to make the eviction process very expensive.

Getting advice on how to act, what notice to serve and how to physically get rid of a tenant, can be a daunting process for landlords. But tenant eviction specialists Landlord Action are here to help.

Not only can Landlord Action help landlords recover property and rent from problem tenants, but they will also arrange for the court to take action against your tenant for reasons ranging from rent arrears to nuisance. And before you even place your order with them, they will give you FREE initial eviction advice on their advice line.

Lawpack recommends Landlord Action because their services are simple, cost effective and fast. All their eviction services are priced at a fixed fee and you don't have to make an appointment, speak to a secretary or visit Landlord Action's offices. All you have to do is contact them online or by phone, fax or email.

Landlord Action provides eviction services for England & Wales and Scotland. Plus they have services for commercial landlords who want to eviction tenants on a commercial lease and they can evict squatters.

Each eviction step is at a fixed price and there are no hidden charges, so even if solicitors are involved, the cost will not go up and up.


There are three steps to Landlord Action's residential eviction process. Usually all that landlords need is Step 1. Sometimes landlords need Step 2 and landlords hardly need Step 3.

Tenant Eviction Service - Step #1

£98 + VAT (for England & Wales) / £130 + VAT (for Scotland)

Landlord Action will arrange for eviction notices to be served on your tenant within 24 hours. When tenants receive an eviction notice, they realise how serious things are. For most tenants Step 1 is the only jolt they need, but if the tenant fails to act, then landlords should proceed to Step 2.

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Tenant Eviction Service - Step #2

£580 + VAT (for England & Wales, and Scotland)

The tenant has 14 days to act on Step 1. If the tenant doesn't act, the landlord should immediately go to Step 2. Landlord Action arranges for solicitors to issue eviction proceedings. A court hearing date is set and an advocate is instructed. They appear before a judge to obtain a possession order.

Landlord Action's fees for Step 2 include everything – solicitor, advocate and court fees. (There are still some occasions, however, when a tenant puts in a defence and Landlord Action's fixed fees don't apply – see below.)

If a tenant doesn't comply with the court order, then landlords should go to Step 3.

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Tenant Eviction Service - Step #3

£186 + VAT / £215 + VAT (for Scotland)

It's an obstinate tenant who doesn't leave a landlord's property by a date set by a court. If the tenant doesn't leave, Landlord Action arranges for the court bailiffs to remove the tenant.

Step 3 is rarely contested (if it is, costs increase) and landlords simply get their money back.

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Commercial landlords using Landlord Action’s Commercial Eviction Service have one of two options:

Seize Goods and Leave the Tenant Still in Place

£130 + VAT

Landlord Action instructs a certified bailiff ito get the rent or seize goods to cover the value of the debt.

Any further bailiff's costs are charged to the tenant, except in exceptional circumstances - where the auction of the seized goods doesn’t cover the transportation, the storage of the goods and the bailiff's fees. Under these circumstances, the landlord will have to pay the difference.

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Terminate the Commercial Lease and Regain the Property

£640 + VAT

Landlord Action instructs a certified bailiff to go to the commercial property with your locksmith (Landlord Action can arrange one, if needed) and seize control of the property for the landlord. The tenant has no further right to enter the property.

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Note: All of Landlord Action's fees are fixed because most cases are not defended, but there are still some cases where tenants put in a defence. It's impossible for Landlord Action to fix rates for these open-ended cases, but they will continue to give you free advice and try to help you keep costs low.

Evict your tenant fast with Landlord Action now! Start the eviction process online or ring their free tenant eviction advice line on 0845 881 0011.

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