Landlords urged to accurately record redecoration work

Published by Sarah Ashcroft

Landlords have been advised to carefully consider any redecoration of their homes, as it can be a cause of complaints from tenants.

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) has suggested some property owners are not protecting themselves against the possibility of a dispute, by failing to accurately record the precise condition of a home before handing it over to new tenants.

This means dwellers can argue over the condition of a property when they come to leave it - and, in some cases, get away with making changes of their own to the decor. One issue that tends to crop up is what constitutes a neutral colour, as many landlords will want these to be used in homes.

Pat Barber, chair of the AIIC, told Property Wire: "As a general rule, responsibility for redecorating lies with the landlord. However, lots of disputes are presented where parties agreed to the tenant redecorating, but the precise details were not clearly defined. Landlords can be very shocked to find the walls have been painted jet black or bright red."

Landlords are generally expected to redecorate once every three to five years and, if a tenant has been in place for more than five years, a property should be given a new lease of life without the occupant having to fund improvements.

Ms Barber went on to explain the AIIC is forced to get involved with a significant number of disputes over the condition of rental properties and what responsibilities landlords have to look after them.

Some cases may even require legal action, should the extent of the changes made by tenants be substantial and negative to the future marketability of a property.

Recent cases dealt with by the AIIC included a bedroom in which a tenant had been given permission to redecorate and chose to create Lion King murals on all of the walls, while another saw four professionals opt to paint their lounge walls in a dark shade of purple instead of magnolia as agreed.ADNFCR-1645-ID-801645163-ADNFCR

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Published on: October 2, 2013

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