Landlords can reduce bills with property improvements

by Sarah Ashcroft

Landlords hoping to gain interest in their property portfolios from prospective tenants should carry out home improvements on their properties, one industry expert has suggested.

According to Christian Engelke - technical director at international specialist Viessmann - sustainable projects carried out on houses should be subject to the individual style of the dwelling.

Mr Engelke stated that home improvement is "primarily driven" by insulation of the property through cavity wall, loft and floor fittings.

He noted that draft-proofing through better windows and enhancing ventilation systems are also important measures, which could encourage individuals to move into a rented property.

In addition, improving the heating has a number of benefits for property owners - including the fact that this is likely to reduce the amount individuals pay for their utility bills.

"It really depends on what people want to do, how much knowledge they have about their heating system and where they live. This is quite important, for example, in a rural area they might have access to biomass or gas - all these things are part of the decision process," the expert explained.

Mr Engelke also highlighted the benefits of checking around the home to discover what the primary requirements of a property may be. For example, those with plenty of roof space available could install a solar thermal system on the roof.

This equipment will then be used to supplement the heating and hot water energy - while smaller roof applications, including smaller systems - are often sufficient for providing hot water to a property.

The use of solar systems in the UK is beginning to gain momentum, as the method generates between eight and nine hundred kilowatt hours per square metre.

Mr Engelke explained: "They're effective and they are from a thermal point of view supplementing the hot water energy - you can supplement up to 50 per cent of your hot water requirements with solar thermal systems."

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Published on: October 4, 2012

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