Landlords 'should always be professional'

by Sarah Ashcroft

Landlords looking to attract a higher number of tenants to their property portfolio in the current economic climate should conduct their operations in a professional manner, as this is more likely to attract custom.

According to research carried out by the National Landlords Association (NLA), the majority of prospective residents are more like to take a house or office if they know the owner is accredited.

This is why Carolyn Uphill from the NLA said being reliable is important for landlords, as it could be the difference between building up a good relationship with renters or struggling to make ends meet with empty homes.

The industry expert went on to say one of the most important factors individuals take into consideration when moving into a new property is its location, so dwellings in quiet areas that are close to transport links are ideal for modern tenants.

In addition, the standard and appearance of the house itself are important for leasers, with the landlord also playing a significant role in the renting process.

"This is where the NLA comes in - we provide a route to accreditation through one of our courses, or online free learning, and ensure that landlords remain professional, with a CPD requirement, and full support on all aspects of letting, including keeping them up-to-date with the latest legislation," she explained.

Another step landlords could take to ensure they maintain a good relationship with their clients is to ensure all work carried out on their dwelling is done in a timely manner, with professionals called in to conduct these tasks if needed.

Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, said a qualified tradesperson is required to install insulation in a property, as it will ensure jobs are completed to a "certain quality".

He also urged owners not to hire in cheaper help that does not charge VAT, as this can often mean the employees are not approved contractors.

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Published on: August 3, 2012

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