Tenant referencing 'becoming more common'

by Daniel Jones

The number of landlords who demand tenant referencing has increased over recent months, as they want greater assurances over who properties are being let out to.

Chief executive officer of Upad James Davis explained that landlords want to improve their security before establishing any tenancy agreements.

"What we are also seeing more of is landlords wanting a reference from not just the last landlord, but the one before that," he continued.

Mr Davis highlighted that the last landlord may give a good reference just to get rid of the tenant, so this gives a greater degree of assurance that an accurate picture has been painted of the individual.

Among the main concerns for landlords at the moment are tenants being unable to pay, defaulting and previous credit issues arising, Mr Davis added.

Paragon Mortgages reported earlier this month that raising capital was the number one reason for landlords remortgaging during the second quarter.

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Published on: September 15, 2011

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