Ratings website proposed for private landlords

A new ratings website should be established to give an insight into landlords before would-be tenants sign tenancy agreements, one group has said.

Consumer Focus highlighted that one of the biggest problems in the private rented sector is that people know very little about landlords before they sign up for a property.

As a result, it believes online feedback will expose poor landlords, while also giving tenants the power to make an educated decision.

Policy expert at Consumer Focus Claire McAnulty commented: "People often sign up with little more than a gut feeling after a cursory tour of the property - if they are lucky, they might have a word of mouth recommendation."

Figures from the Communities and Local Government's English Housing Report show the private rented sector is currently growing in the UK.

It found that between 2005-06 and 2009-10, there has been a 3.5 per cent fall in owner-occupied homes.

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Published on: February 28, 2011

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