Good research central to buy-to-let success

by Christopher Evans

Good research makes the difference between success and failure in the residential lettings sector, an expert has said.

Editor of investor website Property Hawk Chris Horne said that those who are investing should consider the type and location of property, the likely level of rental demand and the sort of property that is suited to the kind of tenants they are after.

He noted that those who have bought unwisely and done badly in recent years were those who had bought in "large blocks" where they were up against the competition of more experienced investors.

Mr Horne observed: "Historically, landlords have bought old properties, quite often they have refurbished them and that is where there are still large opportunities for even new landlords as long as they do their research."

Recent data has suggested the level of rents is neither rising nor falling.

The Rental Index indicated that the average monthly UK rent in May was £819, unchanged from April.

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Published on: June 12, 2009

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