'Criminal' tenants could kybosh landlord claims

by Christopher Evans

It has been claimed that many landlords may have invalidated their insurance without even knowing about it.

According to the Guardian, experts are warning that a tenant living in a property who has an unspent conviction that has not been declared could be invalidating the insurance.

Nathalie Mifsud of Hamilton Fraser, insurance partner of the National Landlords Association, says: "A landlord must disclose his own unspent convictions and convictions of any tenant.

"If a tenant with a conviction moves into a property midway through an insurance policy and the landlord does not inform the insurer, the policy is potentially void."

This highlights the need for landlords to make tenant checks before the tenancy agreement is signed.

Around 7.3 million people in the UK have a conviction, according to Ministry of Justice.

Meanwhile, Let Insurance Services states that landlords who do not take out rent projection insurance in the current financial environment are taking a gamble, no matter how good a tenant they think they have.

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Published on: February 3, 2009

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