Landlords should select best tenants possible

Selecting the right tenants before signing a tenancy agreement is the key to being a successful landlord, it has been suggested.

According to LandlordZONE, this is an essential part of the business as a good tenant will ensure that the rent is paid, the property is kept in good condition and that there are no problems.

This can then mean that landlords get a good return on their investment and let houses with confidence and the chance of long-term capital appreciation.

Tom Entwistle, editor at LandlordZONE, said: "In my experience, one in 20 is a bad tenant and the rest of them are pretty good to excellent."

He also urged buy-to-let investors to "select the best tenants you possibly can".

According to, between April and March 2008, there were there were 341 disputes with tenants favoured 86 per cent of the time.

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Published on: December 1, 2008

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