Rent arrears 'will be an issue' in 2009

It has been claimed that tenant rent arrears will be a problem for landlords this year.

Melanie Bien of Savills Private Finance has told the Telegraph that the worsening economic situation could see a number of tenements fall behind with their payments.

She believed that, as unemployment numbers continue to rise, tenants could well be affected so landlords "will need to keep a close eye on this situation".

Consequently landlords may seek expert advice on how best to handle the situation.

"It is important to be understanding but equally the landlord needs to pay their mortgage," Ms Bien added.

In order to sail though these stormy waters the expert advises landlords to "to remain vigilant" and care for existing tenants and it could be more difficult to find new ones.

She is also reported as saying that property owners should respond to tenant request "quickly and efficiently".

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Published on: January 15, 2009

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