Letting agent names and shames tenants

A Merseyside letting agent has reportedly come up with an unusual method of dealing with rent arrears.

Sutton Estates has apparently grown tired of some tenants trying to avoid rent payments and is now attempting to shame them into making them.

In order to do this it has taken to erecting signs reading "Rent Dodger Lives Here" at the properties of serial non-payers.

Neil Heffey, one of the partners in Sutton Estates, explained that the tactic is only used as a last resort and in cases which do not involve genuine financial hardship.

"They can avoid us, but not their neighbours. Now, every time they walk in and out of their door, the neighbours will be laughing at them," he said.

Although the approach has made headlines, property lawyer John Tuson told the Daily Mail the signs were ill-advised.

He explained that landlords who used such a tactic may inadvertently find themselves on the wrong side of the law and recommended that disputes about tenancy agreements should be settled using normal legal process.

One of the main sources of landlord-tenant disputes is the return of deposits, a matter which can now be dealt with by the Alternative Dispute Resolution service.

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Published on: October 8, 2008

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