Prenuptial agreements not unromantic

Drawing up a prenuptial agreement does not necessarily need to spell the end of a marriage before it has begun, but could be seen as a practical step to take in case the worse does happen.

Prenups have been seen in the past as the reserve of the rich and famous, although this is no longer the case as everyday people take steps to protect their assets.

Although approaching the issue of divorce even before the marriage has taken place may not seem terribly romantic, couples will at least be safe in the knowledge they will be provided for in the event of a separation.

The key is to ensure that both parties are prepared to sign the prenuptial agreement, as this is the first step to finding mutual ground when laying out the terms and conditions.

Official figures show that divorce rates in England and Wales are currently at a 32-year low.

Published on: May 27, 2011

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Prenuptial Agreement

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