Prenups good for second and third marriages

Couples may benefit from a prenuptial agreement in a number of situations, one expert has noted.

One of the main reasons for signing such a document is one party's wealth is significantly higher than the others, suggested Rachel Compton, a legal executive advocate specialising in family law.

"[They] are also relevant for couples on their second or third marriages, particularly if there are grown-up children involved and one half of the couple wants to protect the inheritance that will be passed on," she continued.

However, financial inequality is not the only circumstance where a prenuptial agreement should be drawn up, she told Cambridge News, as they can also help to protect assets.

A number of legal professionals recently told the Associated Press that a prenuptial agreement may be useful for Prince William and Kate Middleton, as it would help with the division of assets if they were to ever divorce.

Published on: April 15, 2011

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