Royal couple urged to consider a prenup

A prenuptial agreement could be beneficial for Prince William and Kate Middleton, a divorce expert has said.

Although they remain rare in the UK, such an agreement would determine how assets should be divided in the event of the couple separating.

Divorce lawyer James Stewart told the Associated Press: "It's an absolute statistical no-brainer that a prenuptial agreement would be highly beneficial in this case."

He said that in the present day, there is a very real need for people in the public eye to draw up a prenuptial agreement, given how many relationships hit the rocks.

Mr Stewart highlighted that Kate Middleton will be joining "the Firm", of which every other employee has signed an agreement with a "fairly severe gagging clause".

Marion Laird, head of services at Scottish Marriage Care, recently suggested that couples should turn to divorce as a last-ditch solution when all other options have been explored.

Published on: April 13, 2011

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