Prenuptials and postnuptials 'both options'

Those who might have to face divorce in the future can consider both prenuptial agreements and also post-nuptial ones if they are already married, it has been stated.

More people are taking out such agreements because it is widely recognised that marriages often fail, with many people tying the knot for the second or even the third time, the Ayrshire Post noted.

One of the situations that can arise from this is the presence of children from previous marriages and agreements can help secure their future, as well as dealing with issues of wealth, property and debt, the paper added.

It concluded that such plans should be treated like an insurance policy - it is there if needed but hopefully no claim will need to be made on it.

Those facing divorce may pick up a DIY divorce pack on how to do it without lawyers to ensure an amicable settlement, with or without a prenuptial agreement.

Such an arrangement was entered into by Katie Price and Peter Andre before their marriage, which may leave him with no money.

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: May 22, 2009

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