Prenups 'a grown up approach' to marriage

Signing a prenuptial agreement is a "sensible" and "grown up" approach to marriage, according to the independent financial advisory firm Equity Partners.

Its managing director Kevin Tooze said a prenuptial agreement can help to ease the pain of a divorce by setting out how assets are to be divided, therefore avoiding legal disputes.

He claimed the documents are growing in popularity and increasing numbers of couples are having them drawn up prior to their wedding day.

"When things do go wrong you have already thought it through in the cold light of day not in the anger of divorce and it can make the whole splitting and designating of assets simpler and less stressful," he remarked.

And he added that having a prenuptial agreement can be cost-effective because couples can avoid legal costs if a divorce becomes complicated.

Recent research from Scottish Widows reveals that 56 per cent of unmarried people would consider signing a prenup agreement before tying the knot.

Published on: July 31, 2008

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Prenuptial Agreement

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