Who do I need to tell about my name change?

Full details of who to contact are provided with our DIY Deed Poll Kit.

In short after changing your name by Deed Poll you commit to notifying everyone who holds your personal records of your name change. Most of these will accept a photocopy of your Deed Poll, but some, such as the DVLA or the Passport Office will need to see an ‘original’ or a ‘certified copy’.

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Here is a list of the organizations you may need to contact about your change of name by Deed Poll.

  • DVLA
  • Passport Office
  • Employer or educational establishment
  • Inland Revenue
  • Doctor/Dentist
  • Bank or Building Society
  • Utility companies (e.g. electricity, gas, water)
  • Telephone provider (including mobile telephones and internet service provider)
  • TV Licensing office
  • Local authority departments (e.g. council tax and electoral roll)
  • Credit card and store charge-card companies.
  • Finance/loan companies.
  • Any companies in whom you have invested
  • HM Land Registry
  • Pensions and insurances

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Published on: October 4, 2010

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