Businesses owners own customer experience vital

Entrepreneurs starting up their own businesses should use their experience as a customer to set standards for customer service within their new company.

This is the advice of Sylvia Constantine, IBA Start-up Business Adviser of the Year 2005, who said considering customer needs is key.

"Think about who will buy your product or service and why," she remarked. "Be positive and enthusiastic - your customers will notice."

She also recommended keeping good financial records, even at pre-start stage, pointing out that even a basic recording system is better than nothing.

Once the business gets going and the need to take on extra staff becomes more apparent, identifying skills gaps can help boost success, Ms Constantine said.

"Everybody has transferable skills and knowledge from their previous employment and their life but there will be gaps. Try to identify those gaps and use every means possible to fill them," she advised.

Her comments come after a survey by insurance group Aviva revealed that 70 per cent of UK adults intend to work into their 60s.

Of these, some 61 per cent would like to be self-employed or start up their own business.

Posted by Christopher Evans

Published on: August 17, 2010

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