Could a 'garden office' add value to your home?

Creating an office out of your shed could make it easier to sell, it has been suggested.

A trend has emerged for homeowners to build large sheds in their back garden for other uses than storing away old bicycles and the lawn mower.

Instead, more people are using them as offices, which David Grievson, managing director of property development business Puddlestone, said might not add value after installation costs, but could make it easier to sell.

This could come as welcome news to DIY house sellers who might be having trouble making their property stand out among the rest.

However, before you start chopping wood, Mr Grievson warned: "It is vital to check with your council that a structure in your garden is allowable otherwise … you may be ordered to take it down."

Some sheds might be considered too big under development rules, as no doubt the new Tesco five-room flat-packed log cabin, selling for £9,999, earning you 19,998 Clubcard points, could be.

Posted by Morag Lyall

Published on: July 1, 2010

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