More people starting up their own business

Barclays Business helped 10,000 people start up their own business last month, the highest number the firm has ever seen.

Steve Cooper, managing director of Barclays Business, said that SMEs have been resilient through the recession, with more people choosing to set up a new business after losing their job.

It is not just men who are filling out their own share certificates and setting up a businesses, but younger people, women and immigrants as well.

Mr Cooper added: "Younger people are being interested and incentivised by things like Dragon's Den and The Apprentice and we are seeing more immigrants starting in business as a way of better integrating into UK society."

Last week the Barclays Trading Place Awards opened for nominations, seeking individuals "who have managed to overcome personal challenges to establish a business and livelihood for themselves and families around them", the expert said.

"We want these people to be seen as an inspiration to others".

The winner will receive £10,000 cash.

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: May 24, 2010

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