Health and safety laws to be reviewed

An extensive review of the health and safety employment laws in operation throughout England and Wales is to be undertaken, the government has confirmed.

Once the assessment has been completed, any legislation found to create an unnecessary burden on companies will be scrapped, as efforts are made to reduce levels of red tape.

Employment minister Chris Grayling suggested that current laws are creating a barrier to growth, as firms are forced to seek business advice to comply with regulations.

"The purpose of health and safety regulation is to protect people at work and rightly so, but we need common sense at the heart of the system," he commented.

Mr Grayling added that the economy is not able to thrive in the current conditions.

Last week, the government confirmed a number of other changes it is considering, such as not extending the right to request time off to train for firms with fewer than 250 members of staff.

Published on: March 21, 2011

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