Employees hiding health concerns from bosses

Only four per cent of UK employees would approach their boss with a health concern, according to new research by Aviva.

The insurance group found that the vast majority of workers would prefer to keep their worries to themselves.

Only five per cent would confide in a colleague, while just one per cent would speak to their human resources department.

The findings could come as a concern to employers who feel they are following health and safety procedures and protecting the wellbeing of their staff.

Dr Doug Wright, principal consultant at Aviva UK Health, said there appears to be a breakdown in communication between employees and their bosses.

As a result, health risks such as work-related stress may not be managed as effectively as they could be.

"Lack of employee engagement will also hinder an employer's ability to intervene early and offer their employees the right support at the right time," he remarked.

Posted by Gemma Roskell

Published on: August 18, 2010

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