Male employees 'take more time off for stress'

Employers looking to implement sound health and safety policies may be interested to hear that work-related stress causes more sickness absence among men than women.

According to a survey by healthcare cash plan provider Medicash, men are four times more likely to call in sick as a result of stress than their female colleagues.

One-fifth of those questioned said they had taken two days off work through stress in the last month, while one in five confessed to needing a drink after work most days.

However, while male workers are more likely to take sick days due to stress, women are more likely to suffer health problems because of it.

Indeed, the research showed that 69 per cent of women suffer from stress-related headaches compared to 45 per cent of men.

Medicash chief executive Sue Weir said: "Bosses have a duty of care and responsibility to look after their workforce and have systems in place to address stress at work."

Some of the most common triggers of stress among both sexes were found to be difficult clients, heavy workloads and demanding bosses.

Posted by Gemma Roskell

Published on: August 18, 2010

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