Stressed workforce 'no good for anyone'

"A stressed, anxious workforce is no good for anyone involved and can have a negative impact on the atmosphere in the office and levels of productivity," said one celebrity businessman.

Duncan Bannatyne, from BBC's Dragon's Den, wrote an article for the Telegraph yesterday (May 19th), urging business owners to enforce staff breaks.

Mr Bannatyne said that enforcing staff breaks and lunch hours is beneficial to both employees and the organisation.

The business guru added that in his company, a number of health clubs throughout the UK, staff breaks are mandatory.

Business owners might want to make breaks mandatory when creating DIY employment contracts for their company.

As well as resolving issues of stressed employees at work, Mr Bannatyne works with mental health charity, Mind, to raise awareness of mental wellbeing at work as part of the Taking Care of Business campaign.

According to Mind, one in ten people visit their GP for stress-related illnesses.

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: May 20, 2010

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