Kiwis 'can be valuable' for UK employers

New Zealand workers coming to the UK can be a valuable asset for employers, according to one employment expert.

Anna Groot, regional manager for the UK and Ireland for Kea, a network of global Kiwi citizens, said: "The UK employers that I speak to and the New Zealanders that I hear of coming across - they all comment on the fact that they do get on.

"[New Zealanders] are very good at just pitching in, knuckling down and just taking on board whatever needs to get done."

This could come as welcome news for employers looking to hire further afield for their business.

Ms Groot added that Kiwi workers are often highly skilled in order adhere to UK visa requirements.

HR departments therefore might not need to worry about the difficulties of completing an employment contract from people who require visas.

The expert also explained that expats have usually worked in small organisations, making them multi-skilled and providing them with broad experience across a range of roles.

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: May 17, 2010

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