Minimum wage level raised

The minimum wage for most workers is to increase by 7p an hour to £5.80, the government has announced.

From October 22nd, all workers aged 22 and over must be paid at least that amount, something those running a business may wish to note.

Those aged between 18 and 21 will see the minimum level increase from £4.77 to £4.83, while those aged 16-18 years old will see their figure up from £3.53 to £3.57.

In addition to this, the qualifying age for the £5.80 rate will be lowered to 21 in October 2010.

Those running a firm and employing staff may wish to pick up a pack on their legal responsibilities, including ion the area of pay rules.

Last week a court of appeal ruling found that a restaurant in London that had been counting tips and gratuities towards the pay of staff was acting unlawfully and should refund the staff a total of £125,000 in wages owed.

This follows a recent government announcement that the practice will be outlawed through new legislation from this October.

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: May 12, 2009

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