Gender gap in pension savings 'too wide'

A "dramatic shift" is needed in order to ensure women save enough for retirement, according to Scottish Widows.

The pensions provider has found that just 46 per cent of women who could be putting enough money aside are doing so.

And with 55 per cent of men saving, head of pensions market development Ian Naismith noted that the gender gap is too wide.

"There is more that women can do to save for the long term and they should start saving consistently, early in their working lives," he said, adding that such a practice would make up for an inability to save in the event of having children.

Scottish Widows defines people that are able to save for retirement as being those that earn over £10,000.

New rules introduced at the beginning of this month give those that have opted out of the state second pension scheme greater freedom to invest their money.

Published on: October 14, 2008

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