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Outline your company’s employment policy with our Staff Handbook template. Easy to adapt to your needs.

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Whistleblowing Policy

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Our employment form download takes away the difficulty of creating a whistleblowing policy for your business.

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Are you an employer? Do you want to encourage your staff to raise serious concerns about your business if they are aware of them? 

This ‘Download Now’ Whistleblowing Policy takes away the difficulty of creating a whistleblowing policy for your business or organisation.

Whistleblowing policies are simple to create with Lawpack’s Whistleblowing Policy.

This whisteblowing policy sets out the actions that an employee should follow if s/he considers that something unlawful or inappropriate is happening in the business. 

This whistleblowing policy emphasises that the first step an employee should take should be to attempt to address the problem within the business.

But if this does not resolve the problem, external bodies might need to become involved.

A whistleblowing policy shows to employees that a business or organisation is committed to openness, integrity and accountability. 

A whistleblowing policy also shows to employees that there is a formal channel of communication if they want to raise a concern and that they will not suffer any disadvantage if they do so.

Drafted for all-purpose use, this whistleblowing policy sets out the commitment of employer and the procedure employees should follow.

Your whistleblowing policy covers the important issues, including:

  • Confidential information
  • Situations that might lead to disclosing information (e.g. criminal activity)
  • Disclosure procedure
  • Protection of employees

Employers - Get your staff whistleblowing policy in writing today with our ready-to-use employment policy template. Available to download instantly.

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