Summer dress codes need proper implementation

Managers who decide to implement a summer dress code need to make sure their employees are fully aware of the parameters, one expert has said.

This is the only way they can help avoid seeking employment law advice over discrimination claims, noted Charlotte Wolff, an employment relations editor at XpertHR.

"For instance, if shorts are OK, do they need to be below the knee? If women can't wear shorts and men can, the employer needs to have a clear business reason," she explained.

Ms Wolff highlighted that all staff need to be informed of the changes in an email, which may also include guidance on what sort of footwear is acceptable, and what is not.

The same can also be said for "skimpy tops" and other garments that may cause offence.

A recent survey carried out by XpertHR found that 43 per cent of employers relax their workplace dress code in exceptionally hot or cold weather.

Published on: June 22, 2011

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