Paternity leave now widely recognised

by Christopher Evans

The value of having paternity leave included in an employment contract is widely recognised, an expert has highlighted.

When paternity laws came into force a decade ago, they were surrounded by all sorts of negative press, acknowledged Adrienne Burgess, head of research at the Fatherhood Institute.

However, attitudes have moved on a long way since then, with extended leave a meaningful benefit for many fathers up and down the country.

"[Paternity leave is] much more meaningful, much more of statement that you are actually caring for your children - so many men are considering it," Ms Burgess added.

Latest research from shows that 68 per cent of dads believe that the time they had off after the birth of their child was not enough.

However, 41 per cent will not take advantage of new extended paternity rules if they have another child.

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Published on: April 4, 2011

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