Men not taking advantage of paternity leave

by Gemma Roskell

Considerable amounts of male workers will not be taking the extended paternity leave they are entitled to, a new survey has found.

Carried out by, the poll showed that only 59 per cent of men plan on taking more time off work after the birth of a child, despite 80 per cent thinking it is a good idea.

"The biggest reason for men not taking paternity leave in the past, and to not be doing so in the future, is money," noted Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at

She emphasised that many mothers return to work sooner than they would like because they need the extra income as their child is growing up.

Four in ten businesses recently polled by Working Families were found not to have implemented the changes needed for when paternity laws are altered on April 3rd.

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Published on: March 28, 2011

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