Redundancies must be made in line with the law

Firms that are forced to lay off staff need to make sure they have taken out employment law advice to ensure they are not falling foul of legislation.

The Daily Telegraph highlighted the pitfalls of making redundancies, saying that employers have a number of contractual obligations they need to abide by.

It explained that workers between the ages of 22 and 41 are entitled to statutory redundancy pay and at least one week of pay for every full year they have spent in employment.

Bosses who do not follow the rules run the risk of facing an unfair dismissal claim, which may lead to workers being awarded up to 90 days' pay in compensation, the paper emphasised.

When more than 20 members of staff are to be let go, a union or employee representative must be consulted.

It was recently revealed that some teachers could be in line for redundancy as government cutbacks start to bite in schools all over the country.

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Published on: March 16, 2011

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