Changes to employment tribunal service

Entering into employment contracts with new members of staff is likely to be made much easier once changes to the tribunal system come into effect, one expert believes.

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of Work Wise UK, suggested that many managers are reluctant to take on new staff in fear of a legal case being brought against them.

However, once changes are made "more employers are likely to feel that they can recruit with a degree of confidence [knowing] that people are not just going to use any excuse to take them to a tribunal", he emphasised.

Mr Flaxton claimed that if too many cases are being heard in court, it tends to mean that the system either makes it easier to pursue action, or standards are slipping.

It was recently reported that employers who lose a tribunal case would be expected to pay 50 per cent of the compensation awarded to the exchequer.

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Published on: February 11, 2011

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