Sacked Sky presenter suing his employer?

by Gemma Roskell

A presenter sacked by Sky Sports for making prejudiced remarks about a female sportswoman is reportedly planning to sue his former employers for unfair dismissal.

Andy Gray was last week fired by the satellite television channel following a leaked onset conversation with fellow football commentator Richard Keys and footage of him being lewd towards a female colleague.

The veteran presenter has since acquired legal representation, in a move that could alert employers to scrutinise their employees' contracts.

New proposals from the coalition are intended to make it easier for employers to get rid of troublesome or underperforming staff.

Last week, Vince Cable laid out the measures which are also meant to encourage more recruitment of staff.

Employers will receive extra protection from opportunistic claims and grievances, as the qualifying period in which an employee can make a claim could be extended to two years.

It is currently only a year, leaving employers vulnerable.

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Published on: February 3, 2011

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