Employees 'more knowledgable about rights'

by Rachel Crook

Employees have become more knowledgeable about their employment rights in recent times.

This is the opinion of employment solicitor Paul Quinn, who believes that the rise in workplace tribunals is tied in with heightened awareness among workers about the law.

Commenting on recent high-profile cases of job cuts, he said: "With the rise in redundancy claims, I think it will give a rise to other tribunal claims as well.

"Last year saw the highest redundancy tribunal claims that were brought; that can only increase."

Mr Quinn added that compromise agreements are likely to become more commonplace when letting go of staff.

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Employers that fail to check their workers’ employment contracts for redundancy rules could find themselves facing costly tribunal action.

From February 1st 2011, workers can receive up to £80,400 if employers are found guilty of unfair dismissal.

In addition to this, the threshold for payments for redundancy has also increased so that workers will be eligible for up to £12,000.

Published on: December 23, 2010

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