Employers now right-sizing their workforces

by Gemma Roskell

Employers in the UK are deciding to "right-size" their workforces rather than downsize them, one recruitment official has said.

A new index from specialist McGregor Boyall found the number of new vacancies in the sector was less than a third (31 per cent) of its peak earlier in the year.

The most in demand skills were from developers (35 per cent) and business analysts (15 per cent).

Laurie Boyall, managing director of the firm, said: "While the first half of 2010 showed a sharp increase in opportunities we have now seen organisations hitting the pause button.

"This right sizing is not unexpected given that for the first two quarters of the year we had seen an overall jump of 255 per cent in permanent vacancy numbers compared with the beginning of 2010."

However, separate surveys this week have revealed that there is much disenchantment in the UK workforce.

Research from recruiter Michael Page this week showed that nearly three-quarters of workers felt most stressed on a Tuesday, just before lunch.

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Published on: January 26, 2011

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