Firms struggling with paternity leave changes

by Sarah Ashcroft

Smaller employers will find it harder to implement proposals for extending paternity leave, according to one industry analyst.

The government this week announced more measures on parenting leave for men and women.

As an interim measure, employed fathers will benefit from up to six months extra leave from work.

This can be taken after the new mother has returned to work after 20 weeks, though the government is incentivising shared leave by paying fathers for leave taken at the same time.

Employers: Find out more about the paternity leave changes.

Commenting on the measure, the chief executive of Work Wise UK Phil Flaxton warned that paternity leave rules will be harder to manage in the current economic climate.

Mr Flaxton said: "I think that will be quite difficult for certainly smaller employers, unless there was going to be any help from the government, which is unlikely."

The government is also set to consider introducing flexible working for all, as part of its consultation on parenting leave.

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Published on: January 21, 2011

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