Businesses 'must understand new employment laws'

Nearly half (49 per cent) of employees have said that they would leave their current workplace if they found out that they were paid less than colleagues at the same level, according to new research.

PwC's survey of workers follows new legislation under the Equality Act which bans employers inserting 'gagging clauses' on pay in contracts.

Commenting on the findings, the head of HR Consulting at PwC Michael Rendell said: "Our poll of workers shows the importance individuals attach to the perceived 'fairness' of pay and the risk of losing good employees if these differences are not addressed."

He warned that the new Equality Act, which consolidates equality laws, could result in confused employers breaking the law.

Discrimination in the workplace could also come under scrutiny, as the banning of gagging clauses could highlight gender-related pay disparities.

In a separate report, PwC found that the cost of losing good staff for UK businesses amounts to £42 million annually.

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Published on: October 5, 2010

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