Working hours 'unlikely to change soon'

by Christopher Evans

Traditional working hours are not likely to be removed in Britain's companies, the Work Foundation has said.

Stephen Overell, associate director of the organisation, noted that the popularity of flexible working options will not eliminate the regular nine-to-five day.

He argued that although there is increasing uptake of smart technology for remote working purposes, it is a "step too far" to suggest that the standard working day is a thing of the past.

The comments come after a report from Work Wise UK suggested that the nine-to-five, five-day working week is becoming outdated.

Businesses are realising that such working practices are no longer meeting their needs, the study claimed.

Mr Overell said: "There is a great deal of merit in organisations trying to extend [flexible working] further."

"I think most people still have an idea of normal working hours, but it is changing. That's definitely a good thing but there's an awful long way to go," he added.

Published on: September 24, 2010

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