Businesses still employing graduates

by Christopher Evans

Organisations are still hiring people who have recently finished university, Work Wise UK has said.

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of the initiative, explained that businesses always need new skills to boost their operations and these abilities can be demonstrated by graduates.

He added that companies might not be hiring as many university-leavers now as they did in the past but recent graduates continue to be attractive candidates for employment.

"Although it is conceivable over the next two or three years that they might not recruit as many graduates as they might have done had the recession not happened; they will still continue to recruit them if nothing else because of natural attrition, people leave, retire, and those people have to be replaced," Mr Flaxton concluded.

The comments come after a Demos/Endsleigh report found that the level of student confidence in the jobs market is at a 15-year low.

In addition, the study showed that half of graduates believe opportunities have declined from when they started at university.

Published on: September 16, 2010

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