Gender pay gap 'unacceptable'

by Christopher Evans

The length of time women are expected to wait before they see their pay levels match those of their male colleagues is "simply unacceptable".

This is the view of a spokesperson for the Women's Resource Centre, who said women are already suffering from job losses and cuts to benefits.

Her comments come after research by the by the Chartered Management Institute showed that women are still more than half a century away from equal pay.

It claimed that if the gender pay gap were to continue narrowing at the current pace, it would be 57 years before salary levels for men and women were the same.

"Our member organisations see everyday the struggles women face to support their families, struggles worsened by the lesser salaries and lesser rights they may have to endure as a result of their gender," said the representative.

"Women and girls today should not have to face an uphill slog just to earn the same amount of pay as their male colleagues," she remarked.

Employers found to be discriminating against female workers in terms of their pay and benefit could find themselves dealing with employment disputes or even facing legal action.

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Published on: August 23, 2010

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