Employers should encourage flexible working

by Christopher Evans

Employers should do more to encourage flexible working as there is a strong demand from staff.

This is the view of Stephen Overell, associate director for The Work Foundation.

He remarked: "Employers have changed quite quickly over the last few years and flexible working is really not that old.

"Patterns of working can change very quickly and it is more common for people to work from home or work during school term time only."

Introducing a flexible working policy, such as offering working parents the chance to work from home during the school holidays could open up a wider range of quality candidates for a job.

Mr Overell predicted that these practices will be more widely adopted in the future.

It was announced by the government earlier in the year that it would work to introduce legislation requiring businesses to offer flexible working to all employees.

This has been welcomed by over half of employers, according to a survey by Hays, although 46 per cent of workers say their employer does not encourage the practice.

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Published on: July 27, 2010

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